Welcome! We love children at Stillwater Bible and it is our aim to help parents raise their children up in the training and admonition of the Lord and to provide quality childcare.

The purpose of our program is to give the children a chance to play with friends their own age and to also be learning at the same time. Our main focus is on play, as this is the main way children are learning. In addition, we also have prepared lesson plans that we send out on a calendar each month.

We learn our numbers, shapes, work on our alphabet, learn to trace letters, learn our colors, work on learning what is same/different with shapes and colors, work on large and fine motor skills, learn the weather, and also the number and letter recognition. We pride our self on not only play but a fun productive learning environment as well!

Mother’s Day Out offers a variety of services for parents at a reasonable price for both full & part-time participants. Full-time students attend Tuesday & Thursday 8a-3p, part-timers attend 8a-12p.

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