Membership at Stillwater Bible Church is open to any person who has believed in Christ for eternal life and who has a desire to join our fellowship.  The Membership Training Seminar is required for one to be recognized before the body as a member.  Those who attend a seminar will learn:

  • What we believe as a Church
  • Our Purpose, Plan, and Process for Ministry
  • Expectations of Members
  • Organization of the Church

Participants will be provided a seminar packet including a membership handbook, information regarding the various ministries, and contact information for ministry coordinators. Membership Training Seminars are held throughout the year. Meals and childcare are provided for the seminar.

Having completed the Membership Training Seminar, a new member is encouraged to participate in new member recognition during one of the morning worship services. During the recognition time the pastor introduces the new members to the congregation and shares some information that the new member has provided. Typically, new member recognition occurs on the Sunday morning that follows the training seminar.


Responding to God in a manner that is worthy of who He is and what He has done is what we want to see happen in the lives of those who attend Stillwater Bible. The focus of our work is on proclaiming Christ and training believers to do ministry. Because of this fact we expect believers who connect with Stillwater Bible Church to actively participate in following things:

  • Worshipping God
  • Fellowship With Other Believers
  • Being Taught & Teaching Others
  • Serving Others

Worshipping God

On Sunday mornings we gather together as believers for the purpose of worshipping our Savior Jesus Christ. What we mean when we use the word “worship” is simply this: responding to God. More specifically, worship is responding to who God is and what He has done and there are a number of ways that we do that during our Sunday morning services. We worship Jesus Christ through singing songs that praise His name. Singing praise songs causes us to reflect on His words and His deeds and helps us to express our love for Him, our hope for His soon return for us, and our brokenness over our sin. We worship God through prayer as we talk to Him privately about what we are learning from His word or expressing how much we love or need Him. We worship as we acknowledging through our faithful and purposeful offerings that all we have comes from Him. And finally, we worship as we take the things we are being taught from His Word and apply those truths to our lives in ways that will bring glory to Jesus Christ.

Fellowship With Other Believers

Ever believer in Jesus Christ is called to live in a manner that is inconsistent with the pattern of this world (Romans 12:1-2). The life we are called to live for Christ is not an easy life. It IS a supernatural life that is lived in the power of the Holy Spirit and encouraged in the context of Christian community. Simply put, believers need other believers to survive in the Christian life. At Stillwater Bible we encourage believers to connect with one another in order to create Christian community. We call these connection points “G.R.O.W. Groups”. Through these connections we want believers to build relationships that offer friendship, encouragement, fun, and support.

Being Taught & Teaching Others

There is no greater joy in the Christian life than to see someone respond in faith to the gospel of Jesus Christ or to help a person understand biblical truth for the first time that releases them from a life dominated by religious works. At Stillwater Bible we want believers to experience the joy of passing God’s Word on to others so we train believers to handle the Word of God with clarity and accuracy through our teaching ministry. We are commanded by Jesus Christ to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20) and through our teaching ministry we encourage believers to take the things they have been taught (e.g. the good news of Jesus Christ & other biblical truths) and pass them on to others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Serving Others

Every believer has spiritual gifts, as well as individual talents and abilities. God created our uniqueness for the purpose of serving others (Ephesians 4:11-16). At Stillwater Bible we want believers to use their God-given uniqueness to serve others so that the Body of Christ can grow. We offer a wide range of service opportunities which allow volunteers to participate in ministry. In addition to current ministry opportunities, we frequently communicate with the church about new ministries and needs in order to facilitate Christian service. At Stillwater Bible we understand that serving and ministering to others can be challenging at times. We see that effective ministry and service requires three key aspects of character: faithfulness, availability, and teachability. Our professional staff and Ministry Coordinators look for these characteristic when enlisting volunteers for specific places of service. We also make every effort to be living examples of these qualities for those who are currently serving and for potential enlistees.

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