Stillwater Bible Institute
Stillwater Bible Institute

What is Stillwater Bible Institute?

Stillwater Bible Institute (SBI) is a ministry of Stillwater Bible Church helping believers reproduce themselves through growth and training. There are a number of classes, most containing 13-14 lessons, aiding a believer’s deeper growth into God’s Word. The classes are available on church campus and online.

On Church Campus

Classes are taught during the Fall and Spring semesters on the church campus. Classes are held Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30pm. Registration is online or in the church office. To offset the cost of course materials, a $10 donation for each course is encouraged. Anyone who is unable or wishes not to make this donation may do so without any consequences.


Online classes are offered any time. Links to online Core and Elective study course offerings with study materials are on the player below for each individual study. If taking an online course for credit, you must register online.

Graduate Program

Students are encouraged to continue learning and growing in God’s Word. Students fulfilling study level requirements will be recognized during a church service with a certificate of achievement. Below is a complete explanation of SBI program levels, and a description of core and elective classes.

Level 1 Graduate Requirements: 4 class semesters including 2:2 Discipleship Training and 4:12 Foundations. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement

Level 2 Graduate Requirements: Level 1 completion + 2 additional class semesters. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement

Level 3 Graduate Requirements: Level 2 Graduate + 2 additional class semesters. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement