Stillwater Bible Institute
Stillwater Bible Institute

Stillwater Bible Institute (SBI) is a ministry of Stillwater Bible Church helping believers reproduce themselves through growth and training. There are a number of classes, most containing 13-14 lessons, aiding a believer’s deeper growth into God’s Word. The classes are available on church campus and online.

On Church Campus

Classes are taught during the Fall and Spring semesters on the church campus. Classes are held Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30pm. Registration is online or in the church office. To offset the cost of course materials, a $10 donation for each course is encouraged. Anyone who is unable or wishes not to make this donation may do so without any consequences.


Online classes are offered any time. Links to online Core and Elective study course offerings with study materials are on the player below for each individual study. If taking an online course for credit, you must register online.

Core Classes

Core classes enable the participant to accurately handle the Word of God. For this reason, successful completion of the 4:12 and 2:2 core classes are a prerequisite for anyone desiring to teach at Stillwater Bible Church (SBC). At SBC we feel that an individual needs to understand the Bible as a perfect, never contradicting, entire book. Our Bible Institute has many additional courses aiding in the accomplishment of this critical goal.

2:2 Discipleship Training – Based on 2 Timothy 2:2 wherein is God’s plan for discipleship. The “2:2 Study” is a 28-week course that covers a broad range of theological, historical, and practical topics including: The Bible, Salvation, End Times, God, Man, The Church, and more. The study is designed for training and preparing students to teach biblical truths to others. The workbook includes many additional resources such as, reading lists, illustrations, timelines, and more.

4:12 Foundations – Based on Ephesians 4:12, this study discusses foundational Biblical truths for the purpose of training believers how to: 1. have a personal devotional time in God’s Word, 2. share their testimony and the gospel of Jesus Christ with non-believers, 3. study a passage of scripture for the purpose of explaining to others.

Elective Classes

The SBI Elective Classes build upon the foundation of our core courses through Topical Studies. Looking at a particular spiritual truth or a practical aspect of the Christian Life across multiple passages, can bring tremendous clarity to the scripture and yield a deeper sense of the personal relevance the Bible has in the daily life of the believer.

4:12 Christian Life – Our goal as a believer is to be a godly man or woman and become like Jesus Christ. Through scripture, this study will explore what happens when we trust Christ as our savior and only path for Eternal Life, how we grow, what are heavenly rewards, and what it means to walk in our Christian life for victory so from Christ we hear “Well done good and faithful servant”.

4:12 Discipline for Godliness – Study is written to encourage men to discipline themselves in this fallen world, for the purpose of godliness and discipline in various aspects of life, including relationships to self, family, God, and the Church.

12 Key Biblical Truths That Every Christian Must Understand – Study will help believers gain an understanding of Biblical truths with the goal of equipping to share truths and principles of God’s Word with others. Study covers salvation, Christian Life, Work of Christ, and future events.

Angels and Demons – There is a spirit world we cannot see. Who are these angels, where do they live, what do they do, what are they like? This study looks at scripture to answer these questions and more concerning the angelic and demonic spirit world.

Being a Saint – What do you think when you hear the word saint? Using scripture, this study takes a deep dive into the many parts of sanctification and how our lifestyle should be affected.

Biblical Finance – Everything we have is from God. He gave us specific scriptures to let us know how His finances should be managed. This study teaches God’s financial principles for a biblical and practical approach to money, finances, possessions, spending, banking, saving, borrowing, and more. The key practical truths gained will change use and attitude for yourself, your family, and local church bringing you to know Christ more intimately.

Jesus and His World – What was the world like during Jesus’ life? Certainly, very different. Using scripture and period history, this study will aid those wanting a deeper understanding of the places, culture, background, and the world of our Savior. Course instruction is available through a downloadable audio link.

Newness of Life – What does it mean to be “In Christ”, If I am a new creation in Jesus, what changes? What is God’s will for believers? Does God have expectations for me? Can I have victory over sin in my life? The student will learn what scripture teaches about the physical, spiritual, and mental composition of humanity and seek to understand the changes brought about by faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Additionally, we will seek to understand our opposition, how to gain victory in our daily lives as Christians, and how to live a life pleasing to God.

The Patriarchs – Beginning in Genesis 12 and throughout the remainder of Genesis, this study looks at the great patriarchs of the Jewish nation. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob finishing with Joseph. The student will get an in-depth study of events…not just the amazing and victorious, but also the not so amazing and failures of these great family leaders.

Finding Jesus in the Old Testament – Wasn’t Jesus of Nazareth born in Bethlehem? How long has He existed? Does the Old Testament briefly talk about the Messiah or is it all about Him? This study delves into the book we call the Bible to answer these questions and bring you into a closer relationship with the Main Character.

Graduate Program

Students are encouraged to continue learning and growing in God’s Word. Students fulfilling study level requirements will be recognized during a church service with a certificate of achievement. Below is a complete explanation of SBI program levels, and a description of core and elective classes.

Level 1 Graduate Requirements: 4 class semesters including 2:2 Discipleship Training and 4:12 Foundations. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement

Level 2 Graduate Requirements: Level 1 completion + 2 additional class semesters. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement

Level 3 Graduate Requirements: Level 2 Graduate + 2 additional class semesters. Student Receives: Certificate of Achievement