Below are a number of links for online forms and an assortment of printable resources from memory verse sheets, to spiritual gift inventories, and more. It is our prayer that these resources can assist you in your daily walk with Christ. If there is something you would like to see please contact us and provide us an explanation of what you want and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Salvation By Faith

Here is a convenient list of verses that show that the Bible clearly states that Eternal Life is granted to a person on the basis of faith alone in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Memory Verses

Our Discipleship Small Group meetings are composed of three elements: Prayer Time, Bible Study and Scripture Memory. Scripture memory is vital to the believer’s faithfulness and godliness (Psalm 119:11). The sheets below are resources we use to help prepare for the memorization portion of our meetings. Generally we work on the Blue sheet first, move to Green, Yellow and try very hard to end the year with the Orange sheet (it is OK. State Cowboy Country, right?). Once the year is up we start over again in the Fall on the Blue sheet and proceed again to Orange. Give it a try! Start with Row 1 Section 1 and when you’re able to recite it word for word from memory, move on to the next section.

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory

One of the most exciting aspects of living the Christian Life is knowing that Jesus Christ has gifted you, spiritually, to serve Him (Ephesians 4:7-8; 1 Corinthians 12:4-7). This can be very new information to the believer whether they are new to faith in Christ or have been a believer for years. Either way it is our prayer and privilege to help guide believers to the discovery of their spiritual gift[s] and to help them find a method for utilizing them in ministry. Completing the form below will help you begin the journey of discovering what your gift is and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the results and help you guide you into a place of service whether you live in Stillwater or Sri Lanka.

JB’s Recommended Readings

JB wrote a study we call “The 2:2 Study”. It is a comprehensive study than spans a variety of subjects, including; God, Man/Sin/Salvation, The Bible, End Times, and more. The 28 lessons of the study have been put into workbook form for both students and teachers. Each of the 28 lessons includes supplemental material such as charts, outlines, and some even include a recommended reading for further personal study. We want to provide you with the supplemental reading lists from that study.

Bible Study Sheet

This document will allow you to thoroughly study a verse or passage by providing a writing space for the observation, interpretation, and application aspects of Bible study. Download it, print it off, and freely distribute it to others.

Church Documents