JB Bond, Senior Pastor - April 6, 2003

Origins, Part 13

Origins, Part 13

From Topical Study: "Origins"

One of the hot topics in our society today is that of the origin of man, and more generally, the origin of the universe. Did it really take just six days for God to create the universe, the Earth and all that we see? What about evolution, and the archaeological finds that have been made in the past few centuries? What about the dinosaurs and other animals that appear to have lived and then gone extinct long ago? Or the strange man-like remains that have been found in various parts of the world? Can faith and science be reconciled on any of these issues?

We take a straightforward look at all of these issues in our study of Origins. We will examine the Biblical account of creation, and then look at the theories of evolution, including macro- and microevolution, intermediate forms, Darwinism, and more. We will find that believing the Bible doesn't mean that we discard science and reason.

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