JB Bond, Senior Pastor - February 19, 2023

Part 18

Part 18

From Topical Study: "The Sayings of Peter"

Ready, fire, aim...that is the way that some have characterized the Apostle Peter during his time with Jesus Christ. He was always eager, even if he didn't always follow through. Sometimes he spoke before thinking about what he was saying. In all these things, many of us can certainly identify with Peter.

We can learn a great deal by studying Peter's words as recorded in the Scripture. This is especially true when we study the change we see in him before and after the day of Pentecost, after the ascension of Jesus into heaven. The Apostle who most often put his foot in his mouth went on to later pen two short but intense letters to the church, speaking of very deep practical and theological issues. We will find during our study, that Peter's life and words will lead us into some deep subjects.

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