JB Bond, Senior Pastor - February 4, 2024

Part 10 - Hanukkah

Part 10 - Hanukkah

From Topical Study: "The Feasts of Israel"

There are a number of celebrations that the people of Israel observed in the Old Testament. We call them the Feasts of Israel. Many of these were part of the Levitical Law, given specifically to the Israelis by God. But why would we want to study the Feasts of Israel, celebrations that were observed under the old covenant?

Interestingly, we find that many of the Feasts are prophetic, commemorative, or both. For instance, Hanukah celebrates victory and rededication, during the time of the Maccabees. Passover celebrates the deliverance of Israel from Egypt during the time of Moses, but also foreshadows the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which is yet to come. The Feasts can tell us a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ, his first and second comings to the Earth, and His coming Kingdom. They also serve as a reminder to us of God's promises and His provision, in the past, and for us today and in the future.

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