4:12 Foundations

The 4:12 Foundations course provides small group instruction in a unique atmosphere of encouragement and accountability. Covering basic truths such as The Gospel Message, Discipleship, Bible Study, and more, this 4:12 course will help the student understand foundational truths from scripture and acquire fundamental skills that will help them grow in their faith and their ability to impact others for Jesus Christ. This workbook contains a handouts section that can be photocopied free of charge and that includes: Memory Verse List, Bible Study Sheets, How to Present the Gospel, and a Bible Study Methods reference sheet.

Bryan James, Executive Pastor - November 30, 2022

Lesson 14 - Prayer and Quiet Time

From Topical Study: "4:12 Foundations"

Based on Ephesians 4:12, this study discusses foundational Biblical truths for the purpose of training believers how to: 1. have a personal devotional time in God’s Word, 2. share their testimony and the gospel of Jesus Christ with non-believers, 3. study a passage of scripture for the purpose of explaining to others.

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