Jeremiah Smith - April 5, 2023

The Alpha and the Tau

In this lesson we discuss Bible numerics. Have you ever noticed there are a lot of "sevens" in Scripture? There are other numbers that are repeated as well and seem to be significant and relevant to various theological topics. We also take a look at hidden messages in this book we call "The Bible". Do they exist? If so, what is their purpose and how does it glorify our God and reveal Jesus?

Scripture References: Numbers 2:1-34, Genesis 1:14, Matthew 1:1-17

From Topical Study: "Finding Jesus in the Old Testament"

Wasn’t Jesus of Nazareth born in Bethlehem? Why was Abraham told to sacrifice his only son? How long has Jesus existed? What did the brazen serpent in the wilderness mean? Does the Old Testament talk about Jesus?

This study delves into the ancient books of the Hebrew Scriptures to try and answer these questions. Find out if the Jesus Christ of the New Testament is anywhere to be found in them and gain a better understanding of Scripture in order to ultimately achieve a closer relationship with Him.

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